What is Hub4Everybody?

Hub4Everybody is a one-of-a-kind solution for publishing, sharing and cooperative management of geographical datasets, such as professional data and measuring, results of research projects or student papers, educational materials, emotional maps, visualization of in-field research and other maps, tables, or databases. You can easily upload or update your data as well as adjust the parameters of sharing among different audiences. Hub4Everybody is an alternative tool combining online office software with an editorial system for spatial data. It is also an Open-Source alternative to already existing commercial solutions, while offering additional extending options.

Latest news

HUB4EVERYBODY won the Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022
June 3, 2022, 12:57 p.m. • Petr Uhlir

After more than two months of hacking, the Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022 was terminated by a final presentation of results & awards ceremony. The international Jury awarded our Hub4Averybo...

Local attractiveness
May 23, 2022 • Otakar Čerba

The attractiveness of territorial units (territorial attractiveness) is described as the diversity and complexity of many interrelated factors such as economic attributes (e.g. foreign investment...

Hub4Everybody Webinar
April 22, 2022 • František Zadražil
Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022

Hub4Everybody was presented as a part of Agrihub INSPIRE Hackathon 2022. Watch the recording and find out the possibilities this portal is providing to you. ...

Do you have various digital maps piling up on your pc? It could be scored student papers, emotional maps, results of in-field research or scientific experiments. Would you like to publish your results and activities, promote, or discuss them among different target audiences? All these requirements can be handled by a system for publishing and sharing of geographical data. We can offer a unique, scalable solution, which is suitable for all kinds of organizations (from national institutions, over different types of schools and universities, up to SME´s or public authorities).

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Who can use Hub4Everybody?

Hub4Everybody can be used by whoever wants to publish and present their data while there is no need to invest into professional GIS or into developers programming and updating their own solutions. Hub4Everybody is designed for SME´s, high schools and universities, research organizations as well as public authorities, NGO´s and many others.

Why should you use Hub4Everybody?

Hub4Everybody offers all usual functions of geoportals (working with a map, linking of external data and services) but on top of that it offers a possibility to link desktop and mobile solutions for geographical data processing, data visualisation in form of storyboard and communication components via social networks. The solution is scalable and fully adaptable to the end-user needs. You can store your data directly on Hub4Everybody cloud or in your own infrastructure. All technologies used for Hub4Everybody are open source, which enables you to communicate with all kinds of users all over the world while no costs are necessary.

Where can you test Hub4Everybody?

Hub4Everybody can be tested here: testing web pages, but it is also possible (and recommended) to test it within the international 2022 AgriHub Hackathon. Challenge Nr. 9 - A new social space for geographic information sharing and education is dealing with testing and publishing of geographical data through Hub4Everybody. A series of webinars will be organized to present different components of solutions.

What do we offer?

We are delivering the results of our development – a unique and adaptable solution based on open sources, which can easily be used in any kind of organizations (from national institutions, over different type of schools and universities, up to SME´s or public authorities), that needs to manage and publish geographical data.

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